Date and Time: June 25, 2015 at 10:00 AM Eastern
Duration: 45 minutes

Presented by: Brian Cheung, SLS, Inc., a VI-grade GmbH Subsidiary

About this Webinar!
In the last 20 years, simulation has become an increasingly part of the vehicle development process, alongside physical testing. To efficiently bridge the gaps between simulation and physical testing earlier in the design cycle, VI-grade develops and markets software, hardware and service solutions for system-level vehicle modeling and analysis (offline simulation) as well as software-in-the-loop, hardware-in-the-loop and driver-in-the-loop (online simulation). Typical disciplines in which simulation and testing engineers strongly interact between each other include: using measured tyre data in advanced tyre models, importing Kinematics & Compliance (K&C) data into a real-time vehicle model, identifying Electric Power Steering (EPS) parameters using experimental measures, exchanging real-time vehicle model with suppliers, driving digitalized test tracks on a driving simulator. VI-CarRealTime is the flagship software solution from VI-grade that enables the gap to be bridged between off-line and on-line simulation. VI-CarRealTime provides a vehicle simulation environment in which the same simplified vehicle model can be used by vehicle dynamics and controls engineers to optimize vehicle and control system performance.

Join this webinar to…
•Understand how to automatically export a VI-CarRealTime vehicle model directly from Adams/Car™
•Learn how VI-CarRealTime provides validated models which can be used by controls and hydraulic engineers to optimize the controller design based on accurate vehicle performance
•Discover how VI-CarRealTime can seamlessly generate reliable vehicle models to be used on driving simulation solutions like DiM® (Driver-in-Motion) and others.

Who Should Attend?
•CAE Analysts
•Control Engineers
•Engineering Managers

Following the webcast, you will be able to join in a live Q&A to have your specific questions answered.

About the Speaker
Brian Cheung is presently President System Level Simulation, Inc. and has had nearly 20 years of experience in multi-body simulation principally for the automotive industry. As a user, Brian helped to develop virtual durability analysis in the early part of his career giving him a background in vehicle dynamics, chassis systems and chassis structures. As a longtime Adams user, Brian has been involved in the integration of simulation for a wide number of companies here in the US and abroad. Most recently Brian has taken on the role of bringing new developments in real-time modeling and driving simulation from Europe to the United States from VI-grade GmbH.

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