Introduction of Jupiter

Exhaust Modeling System

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Jupiter 시스템

  • 테크노스타가 개발한 범용CAE platform
  • 고객 사의 CAE 어플리케이션을 개발/제공 가능
    • H사의 Muffler Modeling기능의 customization 작업 (예)
  • 고객이 독자적으로 customization할 수 있는 API기능도 제공



Jupiter 시스템의 특징

  • 대규모 모델링 작업
    • 1억개 절점개 이상의 mesh model 작성 가능
    • CAD 어셈블리 구조를 그대로 유지
    • 1000개 이상의 부품 모델도 원활하게 작업 가능
  • 무제한 Undo・Redo 기능
  • Customization 기능
    • 매크로 언어
    • Jupiter 명령문의 history 유지 및 재이용
    • API 기능
      • Python에 의한 매크로 언어 사용


Jupiter 시스템의 적용 예

  • 1억개 절점 이상의 mesh model 작성
  • 선박의 full auto meshing(전선 모델을 5분내에 자동으로 meshing)
  • 1,000만 절점 이상의 초대형구조 모델의 운용
  • Muffler 강도해석 모델 작성(20분)




Exhaust Modeling System Overview

  • Targets
    • Creating of strength analysis model within one hour.
    • Compatibility to all types.
    • Not only Analysts, also Designers can use.
    • Extension to Acoustic analysis and etc.
  • Solution
    • Platform is Jupiter-Pre ( Generality )
    • Wizard GUI(For Designers)
  • Achievement
    • Ex) A real model
      • Creating of assembly mesh model : 20 minutes



Flow of Modeling operations

  • Modeling operations



Definition of meshing target

  • Meshing target



Wizard GUI

  • Selection of the operation from menu list in left, then setting parameters in right.
  • Menu contents
  1. Setting
    • General Setting
  2. Preparation
    • Import CAD and Create Midplane
    • Imprint Edges
  3. Meshing
    • Pipe
    • Rod
    • Flange
    • Punching Pipe
    • General parts
  4. Assemble
    • Solid welding (Mesh to Mesh)
    • Solid welding (Radial meshing)
    • Laser welding
  5. FE modeling
    • Renumber
    • Material property
    • Local Coordinates
    • Export and Run solver



Auto extract of midplane

  • Target parts for midplane are selected in the table, then it will extract midplane in automatically.
  • Auto select and status are common option in all commands.
  • There are status in the table. User can find error in each part in the table.
    • User can zoom-up the target part by click in the table.



Auto meshing for Pipe/Rod/Flange

  • Mesh according to the provisions specification.
  • Ex) Pipe
    • Regular mesh (Quad)
    • Circumferential direction is divided to 36.
    • Zooming mesh in specific area
      • Whole : 5mm
      • Near weld line : 2mm
    • Delete tiny faces



  • Ex) Rod
    • Regular mesh (Quad)
    • Mesh size : 2mm



  • Ex) Flange
    • Matching of mesh division between pipe and flange opening.
    • Fillets are divided to 4.



Auto assembly by rigid elements / solid part

  • RBE connection for laser welding.
  • Weld bead is changed to solid mesh model, and they are connected by share nodes.



Auto assembly by solid part and radial meshing

  • Radial meshing around connection area with weld bead.
  • Weld bead is changed to solid mesh model, and they are connected by share nodes.



Package of Pre – Solver – Post

  • Jupiter-Pre -> TS-Solver -> Jupiter-Post



Reporting by Jupiter-Post

  • Reporting function
    • Results are pasted to ppt.



Extension to Acoustic analysis

  • Extension to Acoustic analysis



Comparing of modeling time





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