Project Description




VI-SportsCar는 Test Rig 또는 특정 레이스 트랙에 대한 가상 자동차 경주용 자동차의 다양한 설계 대안들에 대하여 분석 하게 해줍니다. 차량은 2차 또는 3차원 트랙 프로필에 따른 정교한 운전 프로그램에 의해 한계상태로 구동 됩니다. 전문적이고 매우 빠른 Quasi-Static 랩타임 예측 프로그램은 전적으로 모델 데이터 베이스에 연결됩니다.


  • Quasi-static path-governed lap time simulation software fully integrated in VI-SportsCar
  • Fast and accurate performance prediction
  • Non-linear QS solver
  • Heave, pitch, roll and yaw the car for force and moment balance to vertical, central and tractive forces
  • Vehicle data from VI-SportsCar data base and report file
  • Trajectory data (one segment every 5m of track)from telemetry data, LapTime prediction with Driver, S, X,Y,Z, Curvature, Banking of the race line for each point
  • Supported simulation types: Flying laps, Speedway laps, Standing starts, Rolling starts, Open sections


  • Find a good initial setup before arriving at the test track
  • Increase efficiency of your real world testing on the track and in the lab
  • The system level approach helps to understand the vehicle performance by cross-correlating all individual components
  • Open and extendable product architecture allows users to build models with entirely new designs
  • Subsystem based architecture separates complex tasks and provides intuitive interface
  • Component library assures standardization and allow easy data management
  • Road Builder which allows the definition of any type of 2D or 3D road profile
  • Modeling within the ADAMS Car environment allows for full support of several specialized modules for FEA, Hydraulics, Control and other concurrent disciplines
  • The Simulation Menu allows for various types of maneuvers for a complete virtual testing of the race car model
  • A Plotting environment which offers a convenient method for reviewing results in all their details in a familiar fashion for race engineers