Major European automotive OEM has set up a driving simulation technical center
using DiM Driving Simulator designed by VI-grade and engineered and manufactured by Saginomiya

Marburg, Oct 7th, 2015 – VI-grade today announced that Volvo Car Corporation completed the installation of the revolutionary motion platform named DiM® (Driver in Motion) designed by VI-grade and engineered and manufactured by Saginomiya. The new dynamic platform for the driving simulator has been installed as a turn-key solution at the Volvo Car Corporation site in Torslanda, Sweden and will be used for testing and optimizing the handling and ride behavior of new vehicles as well as to test new control algorithms for active safety.


The 9 degrees-of-freedom DiM® platform has been designed in order to take full advantage of VI-MotionCueing as well as of all other software technology developed by VI-grade and its partners. The DiM® concept enables the extension of the motion envelope and the separation of low and high frequency contributions, which makes this type of motion platform unique and suitable for both vehicle dynamics and ride studies.

“The DiM complements our tool chain and allows us to physically experience our simulation models using human test drivers” says Carl Sandberg, Vehicle Dynamics Concept Engineer at Volvo Car Corporation. “The simulator emphasizes the human centric approach Volvo is known for, allowing driving dynamics and active safety systems to be experienced in a realistic environment right from the start of the development process.”


“We are extremely happy to report this commercial success at Volvo Car Corporation”, said Guido Bairati, Sales Director, VI-grade. “Together with Saginomiya and other technology vendors like Concurrent, Sim.Co.VR, Barco, VIRES and Imtec we have installed this complex vehicle simulator as a turn-key solution at the Volvo premises. Volvo officially adds today to the growing list of customers that chose to believe in the superior value of our technology.”

For additional information on how Volvo Car Corporation uses VI-grade’s DiM technology, please check the paper presented by Carl Sandberg at the 2015 VI-grade Users Conference available at this link: (login required for download)

YouTube video of DiM installed at Volvo:

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